Rijalco Polytank Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Rijalco Threaded Tank

We manufacture threaded tanks which was manufactured for 12 years only through years, now more than 23 companies have started to build threaded tanks in Nepal.

Rijalco Blow

We are very proud to manufacture the rijalco blow tank which is made first time in nepal with very advanced german technology and is very popular among the customers.

Our Plans in the Future

We Rijalco Polytank's in the brand name of Rijaco have the best technology in the nation for building polytanks and are distributing our products of great quality and are researching for more durable and quality polytanks, by means of many projects across the nation, our mission is to achieve customer's satisfaction by provide quality products to them though development and value additional, long term relationship in the market by exploring new an innovation products and technologies which are almost superior in quantity with cost effective.


We been able cover to high market share especially across the Terai region from Mechi in the east and Mahakali in the west across the nation, also been able to supply our products to India in the South and Tibet in the north.

Various Water Tanks From Rijalco Polytank Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • Rijalco Blow
  • Polytank
  • Sheetal
  • Himal
  • Pashupati
  • Apputop