Rijalco Bhansa Gas Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

Rijalo Gas is the powerful and popular product of Rijalco group of companies among Terai Region of Nepal, Started Serving L.P.G gas to the peoples from the plant at Hattimudha from march 14, 2011.


Our Plans in the Future

Rijalco Bhansa Gas Udhyog has been producing and serving L.P.G gas at many parts of the nation efficiently and in the effective numbers which makes it easy for us to distribute our product for our customers and for greater production and distributin of L.P.G gas throught the nation we are planning to estabilish a new plant at kathmandu, the need of rijalco Gas is rising at Biratnagar city and Eastern Part of Nepal.

Rijalco Gas

Rijaco Gas is the powerful and popular product of rijalco group of companies effectively ran by Rijalco Bhansa Gas Udhyog from march 14, 2011.We have been Distributing L.P.G cylinders at many places of Nepal, from the Hattimuda, Morang plant. The distribution is effetively done to fullfill the needs of our customers around the nation.